The Power of Strengthsfinder® Insights

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The quickest way to generate and connect critical Strengthsfinder® insights across your Company

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StrengthsEngage provides a very cost effective and quick option for all organisations to equip their employees with key insights into what their Strengthsfinder® results mean. This ensures that any coaching interventions are more effective.

Do you want to improve the emotional intelligence of your teams while driving up accountability?

Why StrengthsEngage?

A purpose built, online learning platform which focuses on generating personal insight through the use of a powerful questioning process centred around engaging content;

Accessible online 24/7/365. Learning can take place anytime, anywhere providing internet access is available;

The conversation is recorded (but remains 100%  confidential) to allow the employee to go back at any time to reflect on or modify previous insights;

Key insights can be posted to a group to allow for sharing;

The learning modules or cogs are specifically tailored around a person’s Top 5 Signature themes and associated Domains.

Can be used on a Desktop, Tablet or phone.

Benefits for your organisation

Have access to the benefits of online learning at any time of the day;

Employees are empowered to take charge of their own growth and development ;

Scale the benefit of insight right throughout your organisation, instantly;

Invest in the development of your people without taking them from their core activities for large periods of time;

StrengthsEngage is an extremely cost effective solution that embeds the behavioural insights that Strengthsfinder® brings, in a way that promotes self directed behaviour, higher levels of engagement and positive behavioural change.

Disclaimer: StrengthsEngage is a product developed by Simon Hurry (content) in conjunction with Cognician (platform). Cognician have developed a learning platform and learning methodology (referred to as “cogs”) that helps companies to achieve large-scale behavior change. The non-Gallup information you will receive has not been approved and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Gallup in any way. Opinions, views, and interpretations of StrengthsFinder results are solely the beliefs of the author, Simon Hurry. StrengthsFinder®, Clifton StrengthsFinder® and the 34 Clifton StrengthsFinder® theme names are the property of Gallup Inc. For more information visit