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Pandemics, Technology, Acquisitions, Scaling, Downsizing, Restructuring, Leadership, Politics, Remote working…these are the forces that are impacting our working environments every day.

While external forces cannot necessarily be controlled, the forces that impact a business internally, certainly can be. In fact a business’s ability to successfully manage the constant impact of modern day external forces is a measure of how well it has its own house is in order.

Most businesses are struggling to manage the speed of change, increase in pressure and associated stress. Symptoms include disengagement, silo mentality, bureaucracy, low trust, individualism and inefficiencies. But why?

We believe that this is largely due to an outdated understanding of how people behave and connect under pressure and the associated leadership and management that is required to resolve this. Simply put, if businesses do not quickly improve their cohesiveness, they are unlikely to thrive in a modern economy.

We have identified 5 Power keys that will transform any team into a highly capable, responsive, resilient, powerful cohesive unit who can confidently manage a dynamic world. Welcome to a truly innovative, relevant human-centric approach.

Rapid growth in the number of people
YOUR CHALLENGE : Many hands on deck may solve the problem initially but once the honeymoon period is over, things can get quite sticky quite quickly. No matter who people are they require structure and clarity in order to function well. The more thought that is put into who you need where, the more future proof you will be.
Understand your team's dynamics
CHALLENGE : Each person in a team will subconsciously approach their work in a way that suits them. They will do this despite what they have been taught or told, especially under pressure. Each person’s style will affect the functionality of a team, positively or negatively.
Your managers need to be really great
CHALLENGE : Managers have the power to directly influence two mission critical aspects of business; effectiveness and efficiency. If they do not understand how, who they are, affects how they approach both aspects, then the can inadvertently bottleneck an entire business.
Merger or separation of two teams
CHALLENGE : People are primarily relational beings. Trust is built over time. Any change in team structure will therefore have an impact on trust and communication. In addition, if they do no understand the rationale behind the decision then disengagement and individualism will result.
Client Relationships are critical
CHALLENGE : If your business is truly client centric and involves managing specific clients, then the better you understand their individual needs, the more you will ensure business sustainability. Establishing trust and loyalty are essential keys to this.
Your Sales Team needs to perform
CHALLENGE : No one person sells the same way. Each prospective client is also different. Modern sales is all about establishing trust as quickly as possible. Understanding how to achieve this lies in understanding how to do this authentically.
Change in Senior Leadership
CHALLENGE : Every person is unique and as such, no matter what their training, experience and background is, will do things their own way, especially under pressure. This could have a significant impact on team dynamics and especially on trust.
You need to recruit the right person
CHALLENGE : With some appointments, you cannot afford to get the selection wrong, the impact would be too devastating. To do that you have to be very, very clear about what you want and whether it is possible to find it given your budget.

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