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Simon B. Hurry

Simon B. Hurry

Managing Founder & Strategist

As a scientist I was educated to see the world differently; to ask the tough questions and then to find the solutions. Later, as an educationalist, I witnessed the power of people’s personality to impact these solutions. Now, as a Human Strategist & Team Alignment Specialist, I have combined these two worlds so that I can show people the complex factors that define the way we connect to the world and the corresponding impact we have on the system. I have a knack for quickly identifying the key factors that affect team dynamics. I then develop unique, strength based Strategies that ensures teams can overcome these factors and become highly productive and effective. My speciality lies in helping teams unlock their competitive advantage. Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter.

“Simon is not an only an inspirational orator but a lot of fun and the tools and concepts used IRO signature strengths were so accurate one would think he was psychic. The knowledge gained is so easily put into practice that it has become entrenched in our organisation rather than left and forgotten at conference, not only because of its practicality but also relayed in such an entertaining way that over two days not once did I see a drooping eyelid, and that after a very late night!”



Deirdre Hurry

Deirdre Hurry

Director of Coaching & Client Lead

Having spent the greater part of my life as a mom, general manager of all things needing to get done as well as a teacher, entrepreneur and serial explorer’s wife, my diverse experiences have led to many new areas of work and learning. These include 15 years in marketing and communication in education and financial services, and a number of years consulting to small businesses and organisations around more efficient processes and people.

A BSc (Chem) degree, Marketing & Communication qualification, Middle Management Programme (MMP) through GIBS and a coaching qualification through UCT, reflect my diverse interests and fascination with learning and people.

The work I do centres around building confidence authentically so that people connect with their best self and in turn connect their best self into team and group performance. Because we were all meant to do great work.

Following my consultation with Dee, I took a few days to process the insights I was given and I was actually left feeling better about myself, confident in my top themes and validated. My next session with Dee is pending – and I can’t wait to find out more about how I can use these findings to sharpen my skills, understand my leadership style, and apply the findings in a tangible way

Lynette Botha

Editor, Marie Claire, Associated Magazines



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