Currency of Trust

“Collaboration is the foundation of the standard of living we enjoy today. Trust is the glue.” Ram Charan

We have all experienced a poor connection when trying to speak to someone over any of our modern technologies. it’s frustrating.  We just cannot communicate. So nothing can happen.

In any situation where people must collaborate in order to get something done, information needs to be accurately passed from one person to the next. The quality of the connection will determine the quality of the communication. In human terms, that connection is referred to as trust.

But trust, unfortunately, is a highly subjective process driven largely by behaviour. Essentially, people will connect much easier to behaviour that is consistently similar to their own. It is familiar and safe, the two key conditions for the bond of trust to be created. We even have a special name for people whose behaviour has consistently never threatened us; we call them friends. Behaviour that deviates too far from a person’s norm will subconsciously be seen as a threat. Under threat, people retreat and close off. They shut down, seeking to manage the threat in a way that makes sense to only them. Instantly, communication is compromised, creating an immediate, negative feedback loop which reinforces the already perceived lack of trust. A hopeless situation develops which will have a direct impact of the culture and climate of any business.

As Steven Covey has said, “We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviour.”

Improving trust in the workplace begins with self awareness. A person who can see themselves beyond an instinctive response while understanding the intention of others, is powerful.

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Culture