Why a single purpose is so important

Each human being is driven at a basic level by two primary needs; happiness and comfort. But what this means for each person will literally be unique.

Unfortunately, this does mean that in any given team, each person is literally sub consciously competing for the right to be happy and comfortable with each person taking their own route to their own perceived outcome. This has massive implications for the ways teams relate and can often be the primary cause of conflict.

Managing this is a nightmare; a bit like herding cats.

It is no wonder then that an autocratic, top down approach appears to work. When happiness and comfort is reduced to a basic level of survival, people tend to conform rapidly.

But in an economy the demands creativity and intelligence, such an environment simply will not work.

The secret lies in aligning people around a compelling purpose. Purpose is almost always rooted in something that is bigger than a single person’s need. Purpose is compelling and is about the greater good. As such, in order to attain it, it demands the behaviours of sacrifice, maturity, perseverance and self discipline.  It also demands that we work together.

Simply put, unless each member of your business is united around a single purpose, people literally will be working against each other. Good luck herding that lot!

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Team Dynamics